Through our mission, we have grown to develop local, national, and international project work, particularly through collaborations and partnership arrangements.

emfec has been commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to deliver an innovative post-16 teacher training programme. The programme, SET for Teaching Success,  will recruit and train 50 Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) graduates and/or those with significant and relevant industry experience. There may also be scope to include existing provider staff who wish to progress into teaching positions including, for example, work-based assessors and technicians.

The programme, delivered across two Hubs, emfec in the Midlands and the South and Blackburn College across the North, will focus on those careers within the relevant routes of the Sainsbury Review. The programme will help grow the capacity of post-16 providers, ensuring they are ready for, and benefit from, the changes the review will bring.

The programme provides a unique opportunity to recruit and train FE teachers/tutors for the future. Directly funded by the Department for Education (through the Education and Training Foundation), the programme recognises the need to invest in the FE workforce and develop the skills needed to address the Sainsbury Review and the government's Post-16 Skills Plan.

Hub funding will support:

  • Recruitment costs, including advertisements and other appropriate costs
  • PCET PGCE course fees
  • Travel and other relevant costs incurred by trainees as part of their PCET PGCE
  • Coaching and mentoring of the trainee teachers
  • Coaching and mentoring training for staff assigned to supporting the trainees
  • Continuing professional development for the trainees and their mentors/coaches, including technical skills knowledge
  • Industry placements to ensure and maintain current technical knowledge and skills
  • A contribution towards staff replacement costs e.g. cover for the trainee teachers

In return, Hub providers are asked to commit to offering the teacher trainees paid employment (teaching) for at least the duration of their training (August 2017 to July 2018). This does not have to be a full time contract, but we would anticipate this being on a 0.8 FTE basis, possibly 0.6 FTE. Providers will be asked to provide job descriptions and will, of course, be involved in the interviewing and selection process.

emfec will work in partnership with the Nottingham Institute of Education at Nottingham Trent University to deliver the PCET PGCE.

For further information on the East Midlands Hub please contact Simon Feneley-Lamb.

For information on the Hub managed by Blackburn College contact Catherine Pearson.

emfec is working in partnership with the East Midlands Councils (EMC) to map formal and informal adult ESOL provision across the East Midlands. Working with local authorities, providers and stakeholders, the mapping exercise aims to support the planning and co-ordination of ESOL provision to support the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (SVPRS).

The SVPRS is a Government resettlement programme aiming to relocate 20,000 of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees to the UK. The scheme prioritises help for survivors of torture and violence, and women and children at risk or in need of medical care.

Resettled refugees and their families will require support, part of which will be the developing English language skills through ESOL provision. Recognising the challenges of delivering ESOL, emfec is working with providers, local authorities and other stakeholders to determine what provision is available, explore the challenges of delivering this and look at how these may be overcome.

emfec was awarded funding by the Further Education Trust for Leadership (FETL) to support a project exploring models of leadership in governance in the further education and skills sector.

The project, Developing Models of Leadership Thinking through Innovative Governance in the FE Sector, explored a framework for leadership to encourage “thinking about leadership by leaders”.

The primary focus was on governance, specifically the role of governors in shaping and delivering the further education mission, which in itself is open to change. The project brought together a large number of Governors, Principals and Clerks from across the East Midlands, as well as key leaders and thinkers from the FE sector as well as from charities and commercial companies, to collate a broad spectrum of views.

The project also explored the purpose of governance in an age of freedom and flexibility, before looking at new models of governance to take the sector forward to 2020 and beyond.

Working with Nottingham Trent University, the project team developed a series of “think pieces” to provide a focus at regional workshops and which are available to download via the links below.

The project culminated in a national and strategic-focused conference for more than 200 people which took place on 8 February 2016, with a strong focus on innovation and governance.


FETL Think Piece Compendium

The D2N2 Technical Assistance Team maximises the take up and impact of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) Programme Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Derby City Council are leading this project, alongside other partners including emfec;

  • D2N2
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Derby City Council
  • Derbyshire County Council
  • emfec

This is a strong team of organisations who have the expertise to support those interested in making successful applications to the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund.

There will be technical advisory support available to those making an application, to help ensure that quality proposals are designed in accordance with ESIF and national funding requirements.

We will facilitate wide ranging access to the opportunities contained in the ESIF programme, through stakeholder engagement, and capacity building activities.

emfec’s aim is to support and promote ESF opportunities and ensure pipeline compliant projects are supported to deliver targets in the D2N2 ESIF Strategy and ESF Operational Programme.

Please feel free to contact the team members over any enquiry regarding ESIF at this link.

emfec has been commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation to run the Professional Exchange Network for the Midlands and Northern regions. The Network will consist of a mix of provider types, specialisms, curriculum areas and job functions, which will ensure a diverse range of people from FE, WBL and ACL can collaborate through a variety of methods.

emfec has a history of successfully running networks for professionals from the further education and skills sector. The outcome of this exchange will create a professional development feedback loop across all networks. The Professional Exchange Network will provide coverage across a broad geographical area, for instance colleagues from the West Midlands, Eastern Region and Yorkshire and Humber are eligible to take part.

The promotion of the Professional Standards is fundamental to the project aims and objectives which will be reinforced through the network activities to help improve the quality of teaching and learning and assessment.

For further information and to register your interest please email Jo Shirley. 

The Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment (OTLA) project

The Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment (OTLA) project, funded by the Education and Training Foundation, explored innovative and collaborative ways of improving teaching, learning and assessment in further education.

Supported by Nottingham Trent University, the project examined what “outstanding” looked like in the context of teaching, learning and assessment and how it might be applied in different situations.

The ambitious programme of activity supported eleven innovative research projects led by colleges and training providers in the East Midlands, working with 50 providers and engaging with 500 teaching, learning and assessment practitioners, 72 senior managers, 2,300 learners and 32 employers nationwide.

The eleven projects explored four central themes:

  • Blended learning and ICT
  • Learner skills development
  • Peer evaluation and support
  • Practitioner professional development

Based on the ethos of partnership and collaboration, the project leaders have produced a rich bank of evidence based research, case studies and CPD resources to help implement and sustain outstanding teaching, learning and assessment across the sector.

The Education and Training Foundation has created an exhibition website, Improving Teaching, which showcases some of this work, and you can find out more about individual projects in emfec’s OTLA book.

The project culminated in the Power of Collaboration event, held at the East Midlands Conference Centre on 2 December 2016, with more than 170 practitioners coming together from across the country to share best practice and hear about the outcomes of the individual projects.


Collaborative Practice Development Days

emfec is working with the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to develop and deliver a series of creative and interactive development and training days.  Designed to enhance and improve teaching, learning and assessment (TLA) these development days will harness the power of collaboration to encourage peer-led learning and the sharing of effective TLA approaches and strategies.

Working with partners with a long and successful track record of supporting the training and skills needs of the further education sector, the series of eight development and training days will bring together over 800 practitioners from across the sector.  Building on the success of the ETF’s Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment project, the development days will focus on TLA improvements and explore how some of the current challenges facing practitioners can be overcome. Combining practitioner-led workshops and a “marketplace” to showcase innovative TLA practices, the development and training days will provide the time and space to talk to and learn from TLA practitioners.

Events took place between December 2016 and March 2017 in the East Midlands, Eastern Region, West Midlands, North West, North East, South East, South West and London.  For further information about up and coming events click here.


For further information on any of our projects please contact either:

Simon Feneley-Lamb
Director of emfec Services and Group Projects
0115 854 1316

Jonathan Poxon
Projects Manager
0115 854 1623

“A thoroughly enjoyable, knowledgeable trip and we have established some good contacts and links from this visit and look forward to keeping our collaboration going on international work.”

-Lisa, Leicester College

“We look forward to further developing our project made possible through emfec's Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment project.”

-Lincoln College